M STRETCH film is a pallet wrapping film that can come in 3-5-7 layers. It is made up of Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin along with special Mettalocene Octene based. The Mettalocene Octene resin is applied on the outside layers to provide extra durability and stretchability. M STRETCH film is produced by high technology machine which is fully computerized and equipped with MEASUREX technology that helps keep M Stretch consistently high quality.

Benefis of M Stretch

Customer satisfaction :

M STRETCH film keeps consistency of high product quality due to special Mettalocene blend materials.

Cost efficient :

M STRETCH film is thin but strong. Thanks to its high elongation and tensile strength.M STRETCH film is more cost efficient when compared to other packaging materials.

Operation efficiency :

M STRETCH film is clean and clear to use. It provides good cling, leaves no sticky residues. Stock is easily identified through the transparency of film and also permits accurate bar-code scanning. Rolls are free from telescoping.

Product protection :

M STRETCH film protects your products from dust, dirt, and water damage. Pallets also stay firm during transportation (without distortion)

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M Stretch (Cast film)

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M Stretch (Blown film)


       M Stretch - Coreless is the hand roll grade version of M Stretch. M Stretch

Coreless film provides the same high consistent of film as M Stretch, but without the traditional cardboard core. This innovation reduces the amount of waste and roll weight by removing the cardboard core and is well suited for a eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainable goals. M Stretch Coreless provides both a 100% recyclable environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution to wrap pallets.

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       M Stretch - Pre-Stretchis produced by pre-stretching the M Stretch to provide a film tension that optimizes the usage of the film. The pre-stretching process increases the length and reduces the thickness of the film prior to application to the load. It is user friendly as the user  does not have to use as much physical strength when wrapping pallets. M Stretch - Pre-Stretch uses 50% less film than standard films (in weight) and provides up to 3 times more length than conventional film per volume. It helps to reduce packaging cost.

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Folded Edge

    M STRETCH - Folded Edge is a highly resourceful innovative film that provides multiple advantages for successful shipping techniques. M Stretch folded edge is a high quality pre-stretched film made from M Stretch. Folded edge technology provides reinforced edges that give additional support and durability to the film by doubling the thickness of the edges. M Stretch folded edge improves the edge strength and creates superior roping effects when wrapping pallets. This eliminates film breaks caused by nicked edges and eliminates waste due to dropped and damaged rolls.

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Remark : Made to order sizes are available for international market

How to order

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