MMP Corporation was founded by fellow businessmen who attended Class 1 of executive development program: Modern Managers Program (MMP), organized by Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University, in 1984 andwas granted permission from the school to adopt that name forthier business venture. January 26, 1988 - the business was registered as MMP Packaging Group Co., Ltd. and began to import food wrapping film from Riken Vinyl Industries Co., Ltd., Japan, for local distribution under the brand name:  M WRAP. MMP intended to offer a hygienic quality food contact product to the customers. It had 20 staff initially.

       MMP Corporation Ltd., established in 1988, Is the largest plastic film manufacturer in Thailand, offering premium quality plastic cling film and stretch film to nationwide and worldwide.

       Currently we are the national and regional leader in food cling film and a global player in pallet stretch with the annual capacities of 5,600 MT and 34,00 MT for cling and stretch film respectively. 
       In term of our  successwith sustainable growth, we emphasized upon the principle of human respect with good governance policy. Our human resources are considered the company's partners devoting their lives for the prosperity of the organization. Togetherwith the corporate philosophy of Modern Management by Participation (MMP), the perfect combination has begun.


       MMP was found on 1988 by under the concept of Management by Participation. The corporate operates under the principle of human respect emphasis with good corporate governance policy. Human resources are treated as the company's partners devoting valuable part of lives. 

       During the past 20 years, we have encountered with many business challenges. These challenges make the corporate strengthening with sustainable growth. Facing globalization, by the significantly capacity expansion of both food wrapping film and pallet stretch film, our valued customers can be assured not only for the serving the high market demand but also the best quality product. Moreover, the corporate also has a variety of products in order to fulfill our customer's ultimate satisfaction.

For such our prospect business diversities strengthening with human resources, we have decided to change the corporate name from "MMP Packaging Group Co., Ltd." to be "MMP Corporation Ltd." and the corporate logo as well. The new logo reflects the corporate principle on human being. Its appearance resembles Thai alphabet –“ค คน”,  the "Heart" and the MMP letter. With the meaning of People, Heart and MMP relationship, the corporate always has the capable with high loyalty staffs who blending work and life properly. 

       Lastly, on behalf of the management team, we would like to express our regards for all stakeholders who always give us a warm welcome and outstanding relationship. We also appreciate on our staffs' devotion for MMP.

Anake Chongsathien
Managing Director


2001      Prime Minister Award in Best Exporter award and Thai-own brand award by                Department of Export Promotion

2003       Thailand Diversity & Refinement brand by Department of Export Promotion

               Excellent Health  Education  Award 2003 in corporate category by Health                     Education Association ofThailand

2004      Prime Minister Award : Export Honorary Recognition by Department of                       Export Promotion.

2006      Most Livable Factory award by Department of Industrial Works

2010      Factory of The Year 2010, Energy Saving Award in Project for Enhancing                       Efficient Energy Utilisation in Chemical                  Factory Category by The                   Institute of industrial Energy The Federation of Thai Industries